Halloween 2012


2012 Halloween Freebie
October 2012.

When it's a dark and stormy night, and you want to give your ghoul friend a real thriller, why not take her for a spin on the ReaperCoaster!

Situated over the River Hades, the ReaperCoaster is the only way to cross since the ferryman got sacked for breaching 'elf and safety regulations.

Riding in a perfectly safe and reliable electric chair, well it's safe for dead people. She'll have the ride of her death as she goes around the rusty and busted up the track and takes in some fun features. Including gravestones, riding over the busted bridge, through the old mineshaft with mystery surprise. Past the scary-looking, and possibly haunted witch's house. Before possibly shooting across a gap in the tracks. 

This virtual representation includes many of the features found on the real one. Including a preset with everything but the electric chair loaded into place. A separate electric chair and track.

To place the chair on the track just load it and dial it into place. Depending on the size of your figure, you may need to scale the chair slightly after loading the chair. Also included is a standalone witch's house.

Technical Notes:

#1. This is the 1st time I've ever worked with Carrara's terrains and the results could be better.

But it's free so no complaining!   

#2. To save RAM duplicate textures are used in various places on the model, especially on the witch's house and track. However, the model has been carefully mapped with lots of material zones for those folks who like that kinda thing.

Poser 4+
No other files are required




FunPark - loads the model with the track, witch's house, and extra scenery.
OldSparky - loads the mobile electric chair.
Tracks - loads the rollercoaster track for the electric chair.
WitchyHouse - loads the haunted and scary-looking witches' house.



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