Staffs & Wands With Poses

Staffs and Wand

You get:
- 2 staffs
- 1 wand
- textures for each of them (with mc6 and pz2 files)
- basic poses for staff for 6 characters in Daz Studio: Antonia, K4, Kiki, M4, V3, V4
- basic poses for staff 12 characters in Poser: Antonia, Dawn, Dusk, K4, Kiki, M4, Paul, Pauline, Rex, Roxi, V3, V4

Materials are totally different for Poser and Daz Studio, because I used the options of the Material Room in Poser. For this reason, I offer another kind of textures for DS users.

When staffs and wand are loaded in scene, they have the basic textures made for DS. So to use in Poser, don't forget to go in the material folder.

And a great thank you to Sidherose who guide me between some nodes on metals, and for object poses in Poser And Dreamer, McGrandpa, Fafnir for their help to find different other explanations too for metals.

In Daz, the rotation center is into each staff or wand.

In Poser (and I have no clue why) it's not the same song. When you rotate (even if the pp2 isn't parented with character) for example x=80∞, then moves change:
- y becomes z
- z becomes y
- x stays x!
So it's the reason for why you have 2 folders for poses. Because ones work in DS, and not in Poser, and conversely.

Poses for staffs and wander were made for the start poses of each character. So for Poser users:
1 - Load the character that you wish.
2 - Load the staff or wander.
3 - Parent the staff/wander to the wished hand for your character.
4 - load the pose for the good hand.

5 - if you change of mind for the side, just do again steps 3 and 4, before to change the position of character.

All was tested in a Windows 8 environment. Not tested in Mac environement.
Tested in Poser 11, Daz Studio 3, Daz Studio 4. It's a supposition that all works in Poser 10 and perhaps previous versions.

Happy Halloween and have fun!


Required software:
Daz 3+
Poser 11+


Staffs and Wand

  • Manufactured by: Aelin

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