7 Gears

You get:
x1 30 tooth gear - solid
x1 30 tooth gear - webbed
x1 rachet part
x1 rocker part
x1 slider part
x1 clock timing wheel

Models are plain .obj files with a very general .mtl file denoting selectable surface areas available to apply colors, shaders, materials, or textures for each, rather than a proper depiction of the object. Files will load in Hexagon and Daz Studio 4.8, but have not been tested in any other software, however, they should work in any program that accepts .obj files.

The .jpg supplied for each item shows the object using shaders I applied to them in Studio 4.8 and rendered with IRAY. This is NOT what they will look like when they are opened. The shaders I used were free ones by AllenArt and xcetra3d. They quite nice and produce a very good render.

A note of information is required, in Daz Studio, all the models appear as a black mass, no matter what the surfaces are really like. I have tried all the tricks I read about to change this but to no avail. The renders show correctly despite this.

If you can solve the problem, please, list it here so others can benefit from it. If you modify the objects please post the results, and if you can make usable templates for these models, again please post them for everyone.


Hope you enjoy the models and are able to find a use for them.

PC/Mac Compatable
most programs that import obj's

7 Gear .obj's

  • Manufactured by: BronzeDragon

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