Color Change Mats for Keihan's Natural Smoke

Keihan's "Natural Smoke": MAT-PAK #1 (Layer Colors)

Total Files: 30

--You must own Keihan's "Natural Smoke" for this MAT-PAK to work.--


You must have the UPDATED VERSION of "Natural Smoke" for MAT files
to work.

If your "Natural Smoke" prop appears in the "FIGURES" library under "Natural Smoke",
then you already have the proper version for applying MAT files.

If your "Natural Smoke" prop appears in the PROPS library, you'll need to re-download
"Natural Smoke".


Unzip the files directly into your Poser directory OR
Extract files to any folder, copy the Runtime directory and paste into your Poser directory.

Should you prefer to install them manually, the directories they should go in are listed
below under the files list.

MAC USERS: I would suggest creating a temporary file folder in which to extract the files to.
Then copy the file folders from the "temporary folder" into the proper
poser directories. This will help avoid overwriting entire directories.


The files in this Pak allow for quick & easy color changes of Natural Smoke, by changing the layer colors. These files will not affect the style of smoke chosen because it does not unload the transmaps nor replace them.

After installing, you'll find the Layer Color presets in the Pose
library under "MAT Natural Smoke"



Changing the material colors can yield interesting results.
Play around with changing layer colors and/or ambience to achieve colored or glowing smoke.

Lighting colors also affect the colors of the smoke. As in the natural world, the smoke prop, will absorb
the colors of the lights around it creating some realistic FX.

11 Morph channels allow you to adjust some parameters of the prop so you can achieve slightly different
results each time.
Scaling along x, y and/or z can be useful as well.

Remember, the MAT-POSE PRESETS only represent a few of the many results you can achieve with this prop. Using various combinations of scaling, morphs and the supplied 16 transmaps, many many combinations can be achieved.


Natural Smoke is a layered prop (consisting of flat and arced plains) and therefore is best viewed from the front or back in order to achieve satisfactory results.
There is enough arc in the layers, however, to allow for rotation (along the Y axis) by varying degrees.

If you must rotate camera angle, it would be suggested to rotate the prop to face the camera.

The prop isn't designed for overhead views, but by using a combination of the morphs provided, a bit of rotation along the x axis and perhaps a magnet deformer or two, this may be a possibility but hasn't been tested.


Operating System: any
Software/Package: Natural Smoke for Poser
License: This is licensed for commercial or non-commercial use.




  • Manufactured by: keihan

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