Kitchen Sink [Exclusive]

This is supposed to be a scary item to be used in connection with Halloween, therefore there are a few traditional sinister themes (a few bones, some tentacles, a couple of rats...) but the really scary stuff lies in the right section of the sink, as everyone who was ever confronted with a sink full of seasoned dirty dishes knows all too well :-)

In the .cr2 version the hatches are rigged and can be opened in case you want to add more scary material down there (e.g. a rubbish bin loaded with maggots or human bones or whatever else your perverse fantasy may suggest).

The tap can be turned and its lever contolled to some extent - don't have it in with me if the tilt is less that perfect, I've been working in a hurry. I didn't lock any control in case you wish to take the hatches off their hinges or bust any other item - but be careful, centering them again can be a PITA.

Poser 7+

Daz 3+

PC/Mac Compatible


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  • Manufactured by: Chiron

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 04 March, 2018.

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