Add to Freebies?

To add to freebies here you just need to put all this in a folder:

1. Make a readme telling people ---
     a.  what you are giving them
     b. your name and name of the freebie
     c. the program or what they may need to use it
     d. your permissions to them for using it

2. Promotional images can be 1000x1000 pixels and at least 100 dpi. You can have as many as you need for the item.

3. Zip it up

4. You can Email darkangel .

We take almost anything, even the virtual kitchen sink. Some ideas:

a) Modeled items that you have created
b) Tubes or backgrounds you make (300 dpi is best)
c) Textures for clothing, characters, buildings the list is endless
d) items for Poser and Daz since many do not use Daz solely

Thank you.

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