With the closing of PoserWorldDirect Mr. Sparky has given us his permission to house his freebies here. If for some reason the links do not wish to comply---this site lives and sometimes they misbehave...LOL Just use the contact form to contact me (darkangel) and I will fix it.

Thanks Mr. Sparky for allowing us to keep these safe for you.

As well as the other stuff here on the site, I also enjoy exploring and creating new and different ways of doing things within 3D and Photography. Sometimes like Doc Brown in Back to the Future, I'll even work out or create something that actually works:)

Please note, everything  is provided "as is". Not everything is a shiny final piece of work. You might require additional software or skills to get working how you want it. Also please feel free to adapt and improve anything here, all I ask is that you share the knowledge.