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Posted:21 Jan 2009 21:50


Catamaran/cigany has passed away on May 2, 2009. These items will be here as a remembrance in his honor. Please remember they are free and are not to be sold separately nor as a bundle...anywhere.

Apologizing to keep this note short:
I will not elaborate on questions about my decision not to produce freebies again. For those in possession of my freebie releases I have no objection what so ever to have them exchanged in private, them under my name catamaran I do allow under the condition for them to remain freebies (changed my mind about this after some talks with friends), but I will not provide technical support and/or help. Any changes in copyright I will not allow.

Please do not send me PM's or E-Mails again with questions in regards to my freebies and my decision: I will not respond to them.

Thanks to all here at DAZ for the fantastic support, help and friendliness and I wish you all the best.


These are for non-commercial use only, and are offered without support. Note that many of the models are large (in polygon density terms) and may prove taxing for lesser-specified computers.

December 2012: Catamaran (aka Cigany), known in real life as Peter Koever, had previously been reported on this page as having died in 2009. Since then it's been brought to my attention that he is still listed as missing on the Northern Territories Police website, and that he was last heard from in June 2010.

Peter is not in any trouble, but the police want to know what has happened to him. If you have any information (or if you are Peter Koever!) you can contact them on the number given at the link - or anonymously via Crimestoppers.

Thank you.

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