Anna Scripter [Bryce]

Permission was granted by Anna Scripter to share her free items here.You will get mainly the individual .obp to import into your Bryce program or another program that uses .obp.


Thanks, Mary,

They are hosted at mine (not like anyone ever goes there) but when we had a discussion tab we were adding downloads and I think websites in there and now you can't organize it anymore like that, which is kind of lame.

It was a nice thing to be able to list them all together in the group. Still if you want to share them on your site you are welcome to.

They are all just Bryce freebies.


Plank Floor & 9 mouldings
    Plank Floor                     Mouldings 1-5       ...
Future Car - Lightning Presets - Barn
   Future Car      Lightning Presets     Barn
Picket Fence - Door & Frame - Bay Window
   Picket Fence      Door with Frame       Bay Window  
4 Gates
           Download all 4  
4 Houses [.obj]
   Applehouse     Big Ol House      Big House     Bad House  
Dressing Screen & Bookshelf
.obp's included   To adjust the bend just rotate the left and/or right panels. The ones labeled lframe, mframe and rframe are the wood...
Bryce Sky Presets [Various]
   Stych free Sky Presets      Sliloh Sky Preset Pack 1      Sliloh Bryce Sky Presets 2
5 More Houses [.obj]
.obj's for most programs that use them    Lil House     Lighthouse    Good House   Cottage     Beach...
5 Houses
.obj's for most programs that can use them.   Total House   Shack     Our House     Schoolhouse    ...
Wall with Corner
Bryce- .obj   Download
Window In-Out
For Bryce .obp included

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