An updated version of the Plasmagram which works with M3 or V3.

Based on a magnificent Picture called Love Letter by "tijender" from
Deviant Art , I came up with the idea to create these Poser/DAZ characters.
These characters are based on the Michael 3 sr1 Figure and Victoria3 SAE,
these and the RTEncoder (Decoder) will be requirement for these characters.
To add expression you will also need the appropriate Morph Packs.

Except for the Eyes,Eyelashes and Eyebrows standard M3 and V3 textures
will not work. You can use M3 and V3 Pose and Morph files, but they will need some
adjusting and obviously they will only work from the abdomen upwards.

Use only the Morph Dial in the BODY called Plasmagram/Plasmacom/Monitor to
activate/deactivate the morphs (they are linked to all parts of the character).
Included is a text texture guide for creating your own textures to be
used on the material surfaces called Plasma1 and Plasma2.

The RTEncoded object files (Plasmagram.rte/Plasmacom.rte) are located in the
Runtime:Geometries:Koe Creatures folder.
Once the encoded files are decoded the resulting files (Plasmagram.obj/Plasmacom.obj)
should be placed in the same folder.
About how to use the RTEncoder refer to the programs documentation.
RTEncoder can be downloaded here:



  • Manufactured by: Catamaran-Cygany

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