Black Widow MKII Princess

The latest addition now with even more
Beware  BIG download!

This is the updated version of the previous release of Black Widow MKII
called BWMKIII Princess, the initial appearance is the same, but it has a lot
more features, possibilities and extras. None of the files will overwrite any existing
files and/or folders.......... unless for some reason you would allready have
a folder called BWMKIII Princess anywhere in your Runtime Folder ...............
Due to the large size of the main object and the additional objects
(to change appearance) it will take a "couple of minutes" to load this
figure.......make a coffee/tea, have a smoke, have a chat with the "Better Half" (Que ???) or something like that ;)

Once loaded I would suggest to use one of the 18 provided Presets (located in
Runtime/Libraries/Pose/BWIII Princess/1Pose Presets) for an easy start.
For additional changes like different tyres/rims,handels,seats and other fittings
use the pose files from the other pose folders: Trike refers to three wheeled sets,
Chopper for the two wheeled sets, Quad for the four wheeled sets and the All Types
Folder allows to do changes on every type.

Note about the Wheel Sets: Starting with 00 (TrWheel00 for example) to 05 are the
Fat Wheel Type sets, starting with 06 to 11 are Slick Types.  12 is a special Set for the
Arctic and Swamp presets. 13 RimTop is meant as a tyre replacement (mainly for 06 to 12) and 14OffRoad replaces the Fat Wheel Type tyres (00 to 05)

To make the use of this figure as easy as possible I have set it up to be controlled
from one location rather then having to select each part separatly to do time consuming adjustements so it is important to read the following carefully:

Located in the main figure (BODY in Poser / BWIII Princess in DAZ Studio) are
four Parameter Groups called Adjustments,Wheels,Appearance and SkatesQuadSwamp
to control this figure. Most .pz2 pose files refer to these 4 Parameter Groups,
note the value changes there when applying a pose and/or preset , this will give you
a good idea on how to change appearance and do adjustements.  
Some of the Dials will do several tasks on different parts at the same time, some
will only work for certain types etc etc........simply a matter of trying and see what
happens :):):):)
In the 1Pose Presets folder is a pose file called !Default Trike, apply this in case
things get out of control: This will reset the figure to the default load state !

To keep this package as reasonably small as possible it includes only a couple
of simple mat presets. Most parts have separate surface/texture properties and
seamless tiled textures will work well on many parts....again something you will
have to experiment with ( Note that the Tank (both possible types) has two separate surfaces on top of each other to be able to create some funky texture effects ).........



  • Manufactured by: Catamaran-Cygany

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