Djed Column

The djed (/dʒɛd/ in English) symbol is one of the more ancient and commonly found symbols in Egyptian mythology. It is a pillar-like symbol in hieroglyphics representing stability. It is associated with the Creator god Ptah and Osiris, the Egyptian god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead. It is commonly understood to represent his spine.
- Wikipedia

It is also believed by some that the Djed column was some sort of electrical transformer or broadcaster, similar to a Tesla coil.

The pillar has a choice of textures, one with a mild relief of the “Opening of the Mouth” Ceremony from the Book of the Dead (from Wikipedia Public Domain) and the other a “Banded” version as it is sometimes seen in reliefs.

I recommend replacing the gold textures with materials from PD Metals. I also have used (for my own projects)the reflection map from PD Metals, rather than the one included, for the other surfaces as well. ParrotDolphin’s Metal textures are available from

I have also included UV files for your own texture development and a .pz3 (PoserPro 11) in the scene folder in case it is of any use)



PC/Mac compatible

Djed Column and templates

  • Manufactured by: howy2012

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