Swamp Dragon


A fantasy dragon

A few notes about the Swamp Dragon character:

-I use mainly DAZ Studio and Cinema4D, Poser 6 only for creating .cr2 files and joint setup.
  Further modifications of this character in Poser will result in  undesireable changes of the
  sensitivity values of all the morphs (currently set   at 0.02) and perhaps a few more "surprises",
  therefor it is adviseable to keep a Backup of the original handy and/or save the modified
  character with a different name
-Due to the complexity and size of this figure, it will take some time to load
-There are easy pose- and morph dials for just about all body parts in the main "Body"
  and a few expression morphs in all three Heads
-The Geometrie is Box Mapped (several times quadrupled) so that you could use any
  seamless tiled textures (except for the Eyes and Wingmembrane)
-To keep this figure package reasonably small, I used the main textures also as
  Bump and Transparency maps
-Joint editing is fairly rough and needs perhaps a little bit more refining..........
-There is no copyright restrictions: You can do, what ever you like with this character
  except for claiming this to be your own creation.........................



  • Manufactured by: Catamaran-Cygany

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