Cosmic Messenger

An alien planet????

You decide.

To avoid some "handling" frustrations with this complex character,
it has an Easy Pose Dial Setup and it is only a matter of finding them:

Once this character is loaded, select BODY (for Poser users)/Cosmic
Messenger (for DAZ Studio users).

Within the Parameters you will find 5 Groups to do basic posing of the
"Tentacles" and these are called:
1. Stalk (for posing the vertical part between Head and Torso)
2. HeadTopAll (for posing all 12 top row "Tentacles" on the Head at the same time)
3. HeadMidAll (for posing all 12 mid row "Tentacles" on the Head at the same time)
4. HeadLowAll (for posing all 12 bottom row "Tentacles" on the Head at the same time)
5. TorsoAll (for posing all "Tentacles" on the Torso at the same time)
These 5 Groups are meant to do a basic posing.

For individual "Tentacle" posing there are extensive Easy Pose Dial Groups at the Head
and Torso.
These are the Group Names:
In theTorso the main Group is called: Tentacles.
Located inside this Group are a further 12 Groups: TentacleXT1 to XT12
Also located in the Torso is a Morph Group called: Teeth
It contains 6 Morphs to be used for the Mouth and Teeth below the Torso

In the Head the main Group is called: Head Tentacles.
Located inside this Group are a further 36 Groups: HeadTopT1 to T12,  
HeadMidT1 to T12 and HeadLowT1 to T12    
Also located in the Head is a Morph Group called: Mouth
It contains 4 Morphs: 3 For the Mouth/Teeth and 1 "Surprise" one :)

To change the shape of the Membrane you have to select it and you will find
4 Morph Groups in the Parameters and they are:
1. Basic Shape (16 Morphs)
2. Loony Bin (7 Morphs)
3. Inside 4Areas (20 Morphs)
4. Midshape Clockwise (60 Morphs)

Finaly a few things about Textures:
The Membrane is meant to be used with Fractals mainly. This was the actual Idea
behind the creation of this Character. To load a Fractal Picture select the surface
called Membrane..................:)
For the Eyes on the Head Tentacles (Mid and Low) any standard Eyetexture (eg V3)
will do, and for the rest I would recommend seamless tiled texture files.

Have Fun  !!!



  • Manufactured by: Catamaran-Cygany

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 11 August, 2014.

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