An alien creature.

Ooohhmpfffhhh is an extreme "Heavy Duty" figure and it will take some time to load
in Poser/DAZ Studio

With average characters it is correct to assume that the size of the Object is the main
contributing factor for loading time, but not with figures like this one. Ooohhmpfffhhh has a total of 60 Tentacles plus the Torso/Base/Waste/Head part: Each Tentacle and the
T/B/W/H part are divided with 39 segments: 61 x 39 = 2379. Each one of these segments contains Target Geometries and ValueOp.....informations, a low guess would be about 25.

25x2379=59475 is now the estimated number that have to be controlled for the EasyPose Dial functions and the standard Scale/Transform/Roatate and a few other functions for each segment are not included in this number.

 Additional Values are also contained in the BODY to control this segments, there is also proper geometrical morphtargets present and it goes on and on and on like that.....................................................Ooohhmpfffhhh

Important Info:While doing this character I realised that the names for the Bend and Side functions in the tentacles got for some strange reasons reversed. The BODY Dial Names functions are correct.

This Character has a large number of "Easy Pose" Dials (Some combination and
each tentacle seperat) located in the main "Body" to make posing easy.
Easy Pose Dials for single leg tentacle are located in the Torso.
Easy Pose Dials for single head tentacle are located in the Head.
Easy Pose Dials for single arm tentacle are located in Waste 25.
Ooohhmpfffhhh has single and linked Morphs accsesseable in the Main "BODY".
This Geometrie is UV Mapped (Box Mapped and several times quadrupled) so you
can use any seamles tiled textures.

I would like to extend my gratitude to "Shrimp" who created that wonderfull Vicious Virii Object, that was the main contributing factor in creating figures like Ooohhmpfffhhh !!!





  • Manufactured by: Catamaran-Cygany

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