13 Triskaidekaphobia Circuitry Bump & Textures

Triskaidekaphobia Circuitry Bump

Does artificial intelligence scare you out of your mind? Are you afraid that Robots will take over the world? Do you fear the sight of electronic circuitry?

Well here is a collection of 13 Circuitry style bump and or displacement textures to help you combat your fears, because as FDR so famously said "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!"

As he was saying that he was combatting his own fear, by standing at the podium to deliver his speech. What was his fear? It was that he could be seen as weak, if he did not show determination to overcome his physical ailment. How did he combat it? He refused to let it keep him confined to a wheelchair!

These textures were created as variations of existing textures in Filter Forge. They are based on multiples of the number 13 in all of their aspects. These textures are seamless to allow for repeated tiling operations when using them for surfacing.

Awesome Tip:
If you use Bryce, and you understand its Deep Terrain Editor, it is possible to use these images as gray scale height maps to create city terrain objects. Then texture those using the city building textures found in the Materials Library.

If you use these textures as Bump or Displacement for any surface in the application of your choice, and you wish to add diffuse or other colors, you may use the color picker or add color patterns to these and create your own look.

Included in this pack is an image rendered in Bryce 7.1 Pro using Circuitry Bump GS Seamless 13 from Agent 0013ís
Triskaidekaphobia Circuitry Bump! It is 2000 x 2000 px. You may use it as a backdrop for your renders in the application of your choice!

PC/Mac Compatable
most graphics programs

Triskaidekaphobia Circuitry Bump


  • Manufactured by: Agent0013

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