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SAOTW (Starving Artist Of The Week)

The prize:  $15.00 Gift Card from Daz3D

This is a weekly contest where the winners are picked randomly by Jherrith based on the presentation, creativity, subject matter of the creation and they are viewed for their technical aspect. Creations put in the gallery each week, from Saturday AM (EST) until Friday Midnight (EST), are eligible to be chosen and ONLY creations are used.

Any creations for our Monthly,Special contests, Personal Galleries and the adult gallery are not eligible to be selected  in the SAOTW contests.

TOTW (Treasure of the Week)

The prize:  $15.00 Gift Card from Daz3D

This is a weekly contest where the winners are picked randomly by thelufias based on the presentation, creativity, and the subject matter of the creation.  The creations are not viewed for their technical aspect which is ideal for folks who are new to 3D art.  If you make an effort and it appeals then your chances of winning is as good
as anyone else. 

Creations put in the Gallery each week, Saturday Midnight until Friday Midnight (EST), are eligible to be chosen.

Creations are chosen from Personal Galleries and general gallery.

Creations in the Monthly or Special contests are not eligible.


"YOUR ART" Weekly Contest

The prize is the winners choice of:  $15.00 prize from RDNA or (2) items from the Sponsors Showcase.

You can pick the subject of your choice be it Faes, Mermaids, Real Life, Sci Fi, Male, Female, Retro, Pinups, Portraits (each Pinup and Portrait can only contain one main subject).  The possibilities for your creations are unlimited. 

How we pick the winners....We first make sure the creation meets the objectives listed above and also on creativity.  Because we have artists with different levels of skills we do not pick any creation based on the technical attributes of the creation.  The time period when a creation is entered into the Contest gallery does not matter.  Someone who puts a creation in the gallery in January may win a prize in June for that creation.

This area is chosen by thelufias.

The Your Art (YA) Contest Gallery can be found  Here


Main Monthly Contest

Prizes: Each placement has its own set of prizes from our many generous sponsors, for the complete list visit our site to read the contest and its prizes

We have a monthly contest that is themed.
The members of the Attic pick the theme by making suggestions and then voting. Whichever suggestion gets the most votes in the end, that's the monthly theme. It's OUR choice as a community. So do join in with suggestions and VOTE!. There are five place prizes from 5th to grand-prizes!
You could win your own copy of Poser, and other cool software

These contests are judged by people who do not participate in the site. That's all they do is judge the contests - and sometimes that's a big job, because we get so many really great entries. No admins of the Attic decide who wins. No one plays favorites, here. It's what they like of what they see. Let's see your entries there.

Please read the contest rules carefully for each month. Number of entries may vary and ending dates also vary. The last day of the month is not necessarily the last day of the contest. We don't want you to miss out on your chance.

Contest entries MUST be placed in the Gallery folder for the contest for consideration in the contest.  It's just a way to make things easier for the judges.

Occassionally we do have TWO Theme Based contests a month.  The Second contest theme will be selected by the Attic Staff and as with the Main Contest, there are five place prizes from Grand Prize to 5th Prize!

The prize:  $15.00 Gift Certificate from Renderosity

Your Moderators for this contest will be myself (Sidherose) and Aelin, in alternating months. It is my pleasure to begin it in January of the New Year. Aelin will be doing February; Sidherose will be doing March, etc.

We shall be picking a new theme each month, so always be sure to check what the theme of the month is before proceeding. The themes will be varied from month to month to give some variety and spice to your rendering endeavors. We will have some of your favorite themes as well as some alternatives.

Each contest will have it's own basic rules. The link for those can be found below for your convenience.

Aelin and I will also be the judges and the ones to announce the winners of our respective months. Judging will be based upon the successful execution of the challenge, composition, your creativity in accomplishing it and general artistic and rendering parameters.

The main album for COTM  contest is located right over here, since each month it will change theme the actual album link will be with each months announcement.

And as a reminder, always keep your eyes open for Announcements about special Challenges through out the year.

 Our Admins/Moderators and Attic Members always come up with new ideas for challenges that all can take part in.  Prizes vary depending on the Challenge.

Thanks for being a Member of the Fantasy Attic and have fun with all of the Contests.  We can't wait to see your creations.

Not a member??? What are you waiting for, registration is free as are the contests we have. So come in and join the Fantasy Attic forum for your chance at winning wonderful prizes too!

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